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Produce Music Full Time (Make Money and Change the World!)

How To Make Music Full Time ( Without Being Lost In The Crowd!)

The music industry has drastically shifted in the last few years. The methods of the past are no longer as effective for getting your music heard. Join us to easily get your songs heard and make a percentage on what your fans listen to!

What does Lotocast have to offer?

Make Good music for everyone

Here at Lotocast, we want to find band and musicians to make uplifting music available to everyone in one simple streaming service

any Major genre

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Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a genre of music most often characterized by a strong, rhythmic beat and a rapping vocal track.

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Rock is a genre that has heavy focus on guitar, drums, and powerful vocals.

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New Age

New age music is a musical genre that emphasizes tranquility, relaxation, and peaceful soundscapes.

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Electronic Dance Music is a compilation of electronic music subgenres that are intended for crowds of dancers, including disco music, synthpop, techno, house music, trance music, drum and bass, dubstep, trap, hardstyle and more.

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Accoustic pop

Acoustic pop combines the catchy, memorable melodies of pop music with instruments that create sounds naturally. Acoustic pop often features "unplugged" instruments such as acoustic guitar.

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and more!

Music is a way to help us as humanity to unite and share the joy of being alive. Our role is to provide a place that is easily accessible for all kinds of songs and people.

How do i join?

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An artist account provides you access to with a special account that allows you to upload your albums and or songs.

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Once you have an account click on the get verified link to validate that you are are who you say you are.

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Once you receive you validation, you will be able to upload your albums and songs.

Step By Step Process

Take a look at these short videos in order to see how it is so easy to create a free account, get verified and upload your music.


why was lotocast created?

Our vision for the future

Here at Lotocast we see a future of inspired people changing the world for the better. We may be starting out small, but that’s exactly why we need people like you who want to get their music out there and make a difference in the world.

How can i help inspire people?

Tell your friends or join our team!

You can help change the world one song at a time by bringing your friends into the uplifting community. Some benefits are:

  • No cost to release your music
  • Keep 95% of song and merchandise sales
  • Connect with your fans directly

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